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Her Story











HER STORY is of bondage

a girl buried in her shame

no happy ending when you turn the page

the ink runs red with stains.


HER STORY is a lonely one

staring at the blades calling out

knowing soon the blood will come

too many tears to count.


a picture paints a thousand words

her scene is dull and grey

streams of blood flow from her arms

each day is more of the same

knowing only she is to blame

will she ever be whole

she asks, will my life ever change?


in HER STORY she dreams of HOPE

a life she never conceived

but pain overwhelms ‘til she can’t cope

falling to her knees begging please – help!


a picture paints a thousand words

her scene was dull and grey

streams of tears flow from her eyes

release from the pain of past years

she learned that she could never pay

the price required – He died in her place

now He writes HER STORY by His GRACE



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what’s her story?