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Closed Books

giant bookThe funny thing about people is that most don’t say what they really want; what is really on their minds. Especially if it is about themselves. There do exist those few rare souls who bare all and would tell you any detail about their life without so much as a hint of a questioning glint in your eye. However, the majority of people will not share details of their life – unless you ask them directly.

the story comes to life

The thing is, despite this seemingly closed-book façade, most people are desperate to be known by others – to connect on a deeper level. Just as books exist solely to be opened and read, people exist to be searched out and be truly known by others. Community is the way people were originally created to live. That is just the way humans are. Within relationships, people desire, to borrow the phraseology from Moulin Rouge, to know and be known intimately. Each person is merely waiting for someone interested and bold enough to come along and ask the right questions to open the book.indented book art

It is not so much that every person you meet is NOT an open book, but that books do not open themselves and read their own contents to you; they require someone curious enough to open them up and read them in order to discover the vast contents within. Every book is a mystery when viewed only by its cover. But within each is a unique world which exists entirely separate and distinct from that of any other. Some books sit on a shelf all their lives waiting patiently for someone to stop and notice it’s significance, brush off the dust from years of neglect and unlock the hidden stories, mysteries, adventures that have been sealed inside.    opening the dusty book

Is there someone you know who you’ve only known by their cover or are you in need of some dusting off yourself?

The cover you need to crack may even be your own.

Take the leap and open a book today; really get to know the contents rather than just the exterior.

we are all just stories in the end