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Guidance has a beautiful message hidden within it and once you have discovered it, your perspective on being led by the Holy Spirit will be forever changed. Take a closer look at the word: GUIDANCE. Can you see it? God, U and I DANCE is clearly spelled out.

Dancing is a theme that has persisted through the ages, its extent reaching from literature, to film, to the stage, to competition, and on and on. Dancing often leads to romance or is a form of romantic courting which can be clearly seen in countless movies of the past 50 years, including these and more:

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Dance is a relevant element of guidance and I would love to continue discussing the bearing of secular dance in film to the notion of guidance, but its portrayal in movies is besides the point of this post. Moreover, the post would probably turn into a short novel, and since I’m sure no one wants to read that, I will simply commence with my composition without delay.

God is a gentleman, and He will never force you to do anything you are opposed to doing or do not want to do. But when you allow Him to gently lead you in the dance of life, the song will magically come alive. He knows all the steps: how to turn you, where to lead you, how to keep in rhythm with the music that sounds hauntingly like the rustle of leaves in the wind, the morning song of a blue jay, the crash of the waves on the shore, the pounding of the rain on the ground, the bubbling of the stream running over rocks, the booming of thunder, even the chirping chorus of crickets at twilight. Dancing is a form of art, which requires not only time, talent, energy, and lots of practice, but most importantly absolute trust. Trust (confidence and dependence upon your partner) is the basis of living a victorious life. If successful, the two figures (you and God) will become a single entity which glides effortlessly across the floor. When the two become one, they seemingly float around the dance floor in perfect unison. It creates a special harmony between the couple that is completely unique from person to person.

If you let God lead, it doesn’t mean that you are weak or incapable of dancing, only that He knows infinitely so much more about the art of the dance and has been doing it for an inordinate amount of time longer than you have. Unfortunately, even though He knows all, the bad news for you is that allowing Him to lead does not mean that everything will be peachy-keen, that nothing will bump into you and mess up your rhythm, or that someday down the road you won’t choose to lead yourself or find someone or something else to lead your life. The fact of life is that no matter who you are or who is leading the dance, there will always be troubles that cause you to stumble or tempt you to go the other way from God. Life is never perfect, for any one of us. The good news, however, is that your dance will glide much smoother than it otherwise would have, and I guarantee you will have infinitely more happiness with God leading you. The key is that you have to LET him lead. You don’t have to. It’s your choice. You could to it all on your own. But where has that gotten you in the past? My bet is nowhere good. Am I right?

I know that for me trying to do everything on my own led me down a road of destruction that almost killed me. A road that He rescued me from and one that I never want to go back to; and I now know that with Him in the lead, I will never have to. But it all hinged on me. I had to choose to ALLOW Him to lead me. And sometimes I still try to take over, and then life gets really messy, because when both partners are trying to lead, chaos ensues. All the grace, poise, and every semblance of harmony are removed from the dance if both parties try to lead. It simply looks messy, feels disjointed, and becomes incredibly difficult and complicated. You are much more likely to run into adversity: tripping, bumping into others, falling flat on your face, dancing alone and looking really dumb, etc.

The absolute ONLY way to achieve peace in your dance of life is to say, “God, You and I dance, and I yield my will to you and I trust you to lead me in the Way everlasting.” This doesn’t mean that there will not ever be any hardships, but that it will be so much easier to recover from your stumbles with the help of your leader reaching down His hand to help you back up after your fall – ALWAYS. He knows all your strengths and weaknesses, and won’t let you get into any situation that you can’t handle!

Willingly acquiescing to God’s loving control and gentle guidance also means you can lean on Him anytime you feel the least bit shaky in your footing or the steps you are about to take. In fact, you should be leaning on Him all the time. The Bible says we are to be in constant communication with Him, and that He is always eager to hear and talk with you. He is there to guide you and you can always rely on Him; after all, as I said in the beginning, receiving guidance is all about TRUST. Trusting in that little tap from the Holy Spirit leading you in a certain way and choosing to follow in the way he tenderly directs. Guidance from Him can come in many forms, but if you search your heart, His still, small voice is always there within. Dancing with Him means you trust Him to show you the Way to live eternally with Him.

“Do you trust me?” “…Yes…”

Dancing with God means you trust Him enough to say “yes,” take His hand and jump on the magic flying carpet that will take you to new heights where you’ve never gone before.