they would speak a thousand things


My purpose in starting this blog is simple: to get the word out. I almost died due to overdosing; God supernaturally saved my life. I cut myself; God has relentlessly pursued me to the point of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This is my story. This is my journey. This is my way of showing the world who I really am. To STOP hiding.

I have been planning to start this blog for a while now, and finally now it is up and running, I am so excited!! I pray God will be working through this blog to reach other people with my story.  My hope is that you will feel what I feel and can connect with me through my words in this blog. It will be scary at times. But I encourage you to press on. Maybe you will come to understand a little better through this what it is like to be a cutter. I pray God brings you to better understanding and uses this blog to further His purposes! My story doesn’t have an ending…each page of my life is penned one day at a time, divinely predestined by an all-knowing and perfect Creator. I eagerly invite you to join me on my journey through the cutting, depression, pain, and rejection towards love, hope, life, and healing.



3 responses

  1. Stephanie Tyler

    To my beautiful Daughter #2. Since the day you were born, you have had a special place in my heart. I carry you with me and pray for you several times each day. We are Aggies! We are geeks! We are Aggie Geeks and proud of it!

    July 13, 2011 at 8:44 am

  2. Yvette

    I love you and am so happy that you are willing to go through the pAin of becoming a true woman of God. My scars are on the outside and easy to talk about….your scars are on the inside and not so easy to talk about. My committment to you is that I will pray for your life everyday……please send me a photo so I can carry it in my bible.
    ~love you…here is to the hard work…GO GIRLIE !

    October 11, 2010 at 10:21 am

  3. Beth

    I am glad that you are being truthful. I support you in who you are. You are a wonderful child of God! I love you and am glad you survived!

    October 10, 2010 at 10:00 pm

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