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Why Mercy Multiplied?

Why Mercy Multiplied? It’s where the freedom’s at.Mercy Multiplied

This week I have been reflecting on my time at Mercy Multiplied (formerly Mercy Ministries until 2015). A friend of mine asked me if I recommend Mercy as a resource for someone struggling with cutting, addiction, depression, eating disorders or abuse, and why choose Mercy as the place to work through your issues. So to every woman who feels stuck in her addiction, trapped by her situation, or controlled by her behaviors, I want you to know that you can be happy, healthy, and best of all released from your bondage, and Mercy is one of the best tools to help you accomplish freedom.

Mercy Multiplied  is a free, nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to helping young women break free from life-controlling behaviors and situations, including eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, unplanned pregnancy, depression, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. The amazing staff work with the goal that everyone can experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and life-transforming power.

The age restrictions are 18-28 years old, for women only of course. The only exception is if she’s pregnant, and then they accept age 13-17 for that situation also. They have 4 locations all over the country, and the closest is the house I went to, in Lincoln CA. The program is amazing and supportive, they focus on helping you find and work through the root of your problems and resolve them and they also equip you to handle the outside world in a healthier way than you have in the past.

hardest part of journey is believing you're worth the trip

Mercy offers hope and freedom but the transformation from pain and addiction to restoration is not without challenges – I know from struggling for years with depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts that asking for help, taking the hard road of health and healing, and working through all your issues is not an easy or fast process. But I can promise you that it is worth the journey.

I would absolutely recommend Mercy to anyone struggling with the above life-controlling issues or anyone who knows someone that is struggling. Check out their website at One thing you should know if you know someone who is struggling is that Mercy is completely voluntary. Only the woman struggling with life-controlling behaviors or situations can apply to go to Mercy. This is not an organization that will accept a woman who is being forced into facing her issues and being healed. She has to truly want to go, want to put in the work and want to be FREE from whatever it is that’s crushing her happiness and success in life. On the same side of the coin, if she goes to Mercy and feels the program is not helping her find the freedom she wants, she has the power to leave at any time – Mercy is not about forcing anyone to find freedom if she doesn’t want it. But for those who sincerely want to find freedom from bondage, God is waiting to freely give it to you! Freedom is entirely possible for those who seek it, no matter on the cliff

In my opinion, Mercy Multiplied is the best possible place you could go if you want to find help and healing from any destructive behavior or choices in your life. On a practical level, their program is very well thought-out, very organized and well-balanced. They provide everything you could need to be successful in life – from fitness to inspirational books on freedom to healthy diet to cooking and cleaning skills etc. – before sending you back out into the world. AND it’s free! Mercy is 100% run on donations from churches, organizations and individuals who believe in helping young women find freedom and hope! I am constantly amazed at the generosity of the donors and that because of their love for young women, Mercy exists to give hope and healing to anyone who asks without making a profit off our problems. I didn’t realize until after I graduated Mercy that the staff truly cared about my well-being and were there because they wanted to help and support me rather than coming to work just to get paid. Working with young women who are wrestling with tough issues are not always very easy to deal with, but even though it may be tough, the staff come to work because they want to help you. And that is a rare and beautiful thing in this jaded, secular world. 

The website has a wealth of information about the founder Nancy Alcorn (I’ve met her, she’s amazing!) the program, FAQs, and it is also where you can find the application. When I applied to Mercy I still wasn’t sure I really wanted to go. I applied, got accepted, got placed in a house, and got dropped off at the Lincoln house by my mom. Even on the day I arrived at Mercy I still wasn’t sure I wanted to be there. I was terrified. But I was desperate enough to stop cutting that I decided to try it with the hope that this program would help set me free, and by the immeasurable Grace of God, I am transformed, loved, forgiven and free today.

If you have any further questions about Mercy or my experience there, I’m happy to answer them! Comment below or contact me through email at

{Stay Anchored in Christ. Hebrews 6:19}

life's roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors



“Look at the individual, not the harm…”

This is a great article for those friends, parents, and mentors who know someone struggling with self harm and want to help but don’t know what to do or say. Check it out here:

“Look at the in….

Or find the full website here.


A Story of Forgivenss~Andrea’s Story

A Story of Forgivenss~Andrea’s Story.

Living with Scars: Finding Freedom from Self-injury by Lauren Bersaglio, Founder of Liberio Network

Living with Scars: Finding Freedom from Self-injury by Lauren Bersaglio, Founder of Liberio Network.

Sharing Your Story From Your Heart With All The Nitty Gritty.

Such a truthful post about the realities of sharing your story. Thank you, Valerie.

Courage House Worldwide

Two of my friends are currently working full time with young girls under 18 years of age who have been rescued out of the sex-trafficking industry here in the United States. Courage House Worldwide wants to save as many girls as possible from this evil industry, but they need our help to do so!

rescue and restorateThere are a few things you can do to help:

1) Check out a video from my friend Pearl with information about Courage House and their mission for girls stuck in the awful world of sex-trafficking here and comment – every comment is a penny towards Project for Awesome!

2) Go here to the Project for Awesome video contest page and vote for Pearl’s video with Courage House Worldwide

3) Find more information and donate at the Courage House website or at the Project for Awesome website

Every video view and vote spreads awareness of this cause and helps rescue girls out of human trafficking. Courage House really does make a difference in young girls’ lives! I really encourage you to think about it and give to this incredibly important and needed change in our world.

Closed Books

giant bookThe funny thing about people is that most don’t say what they really want; what is really on their minds. Especially if it is about themselves. There do exist those few rare souls who bare all and would tell you any detail about their life without so much as a hint of a questioning glint in your eye. However, the majority of people will not share details of their life – unless you ask them directly.

the story comes to life

The thing is, despite this seemingly closed-book façade, most people are desperate to be known by others – to connect on a deeper level. Just as books exist solely to be opened and read, people exist to be searched out and be truly known by others. Community is the way people were originally created to live. That is just the way humans are. Within relationships, people desire, to borrow the phraseology from Moulin Rouge, to know and be known intimately. Each person is merely waiting for someone interested and bold enough to come along and ask the right questions to open the book.indented book art

It is not so much that every person you meet is NOT an open book, but that books do not open themselves and read their own contents to you; they require someone curious enough to open them up and read them in order to discover the vast contents within. Every book is a mystery when viewed only by its cover. But within each is a unique world which exists entirely separate and distinct from that of any other. Some books sit on a shelf all their lives waiting patiently for someone to stop and notice it’s significance, brush off the dust from years of neglect and unlock the hidden stories, mysteries, adventures that have been sealed inside.    opening the dusty book

Is there someone you know who you’ve only known by their cover or are you in need of some dusting off yourself?

The cover you need to crack may even be your own.

Take the leap and open a book today; really get to know the contents rather than just the exterior.

we are all just stories in the end