they would speak a thousand things

Weeping may last for the night…until the freshwater pours in!

Tears are simply salt water that comes out of your eyes during times of intense emotion, including deep sorrow and extreme joy. Watch this:

Just like the Grinch, when you cry, your eyes “leak” salty liquid known as tears. Immense tear-shed is colloquially known as weeping, thus, weeping creates pools of salty water. The Dead Sea was a place where salt water pooled, and although fresh water continually flowed in, since there was no outlet, the sea became stagnant and everything in it died. No living plant or creature could possibly survive in that extremely salty seawater. No matter how much fresh water you poured into it, the sea would remain the same because there was no ebb and flow of the water to replenish its freshness.

Yes, all that white stuff really IS salt!!

Oftentimes I have felt like weeping in reaction to what I was going through at the time, but the Bible says that when you go through the hard times, you are blessed with God’s strength to make it through to the fresh, new day ahead.

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, in whose hearts are the highways to Zion. As they go through the Valley of Baca they make it a place of springs; the early rain also covers it with pools. They go from strength to strength, each on appears before God in Zion.” – Psalm 84:5-7

When we put our trust in God we are blessed with His strength, so even when we go through a valley of Baca, which means weeping, it will result in a new spring. Rivers and springs that contain fresh water remain fresh because there is constantly an influx and out flux of what is coming in and what is going back out. They receive and pour out new water regularly. In the same way, freshwater lakes have a spring source of fresh water by which they are replenished, but they must also have an outlet to allow their waters to come and go. The regular changes in the water are what keep them from becoming inert and stagnant like the Dead Sea.

Similarly, the salt from weeping is washed away by the brand new fresh water. The spring is also replenished by pure rainfall, which increases the number of pools and adds a new and interesting facet to the spring with each pool. When you draw your strength – the fresh, renewing, and even Living water (aka Jesus) – from God’s abundance and let it flow freely in and through you, you will be transferred from one level of strength to an even greater level of strength! You can then deal with and handle much more trouble when it comes your way. Some people refer to something refreshing as a “breath of fresh air,” but in this context, I like to call it a splash of fresh water.

When Jesus is your source of life, healing, restoration, and strength, your existence will always be refreshed, filled with hope, and abounding in steadfast love. I can honestly tell you every time I have leaned on God as my sole supplier of “fresh water,” I have never been let down. He was (and is) always faithful to provide exactly what I need(ed) at the time, and even more! Always look to the Source of living water to renew your strength and wash away your tears, because He is the only one who can truly fill you up to overflowing with His joy!!!


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