they would speak a thousand things

Underneath My Scars










Underneath my scars

There is more than you can see

The pain goes deep and far

And the scars come naturally

But underneath those scars

Is more than meets the eye

Look beyond the surface

Search underneath my scars

And you’ll find



His love goes so much deeper

I have a hope for life

There’s more than just a scar

Left over from before

There is so much more to me


Underneath my scars

There is a girl

Who is dying to be free

From the shame and misery

Because underneath those scars

That they all judge and define

Is the me that is reality

The scars I cannot hide

But if you search underneath my scars

You will find


I’m not just a line

Raised above my skin

Left over from a knife

I’m not what I have been

I’m not just the one who cuts

There’s more to my story

Just look underneath my scars.


One response

  1. Love this, Leanne. Yes, there is so much more to you! There is a girl created fearfully and wonderfully by and for her Maker. And His love covers the scars and reaches into the heart. 🙂 love you and praying for you!

    December 31, 2010 at 9:00 am

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